Manage Accounts

 To manage who has full access (to view and edit) to all your farms, hover over the profile icon on the top right-hand side of any screen and click on “Your Account” in the drop down. From here you can click on the “+” icon to add other users, also known as owners, to have access to the entire platform. These users will be able to create and edit farms and fields, while also being able to view all the data. On this page you can also delete or edit users.  



Your Account

On the Your Account page, you can also contact support, change your password, access the tutorial link, or log out of your account. You can use the support feature to report an issue, ask a question, submit a feature request, or to get general help. You can always also reach us by emailing directly or by contacting your customer success representative. Clicking “Tutorial” will take you directly to our YouTube tutorial video of the platform. Check out the other videos on our channel for more information, such as how to use the LENS to scan your leaflets.