How to Create a Field

To create a field within a farm, first click on the farm where you would like to add the field or fields. This will bring you to the Your Fields page. From here click the “+” icon. When you click this icon, you will then see a map of the Farm and all surrounding fields. You can either start by uploading a Shape file (.shp) or click “Draw Field” to draw the field boundaries manually.

If you decide to continue with drawing the field, type in the name of the field you’d like to create and click “Next”. Zoom in and out of the map and click and drag your mouse to find where the field is. You can also move the “Create a New Field” box around the page by clicking and dragging the four arrows on the bottom right-hand corner of the box. Then use the “Draw a Polygon” tool (Pentagon icon) on the right side of the map to draw the field. Click on each point of the field to connect each side of the field. The last point and the first point must connect to close the shape. If you make a mistake with your points, simply click the grey “Delete last point” button. Click “Finish” if you want help connecting the last point with the first point.

If your field consists of more than one area/shape. You can use the pentagon button to draw more shapes that represent your field. To edit any of your field boundaries, click the edit icon on the right side of the screen. White squares that represent the boundaries of the field will appear. You can click and drag these points to change the shape of the field. If you make any changes, be sure to click “save” before moving forward. If you make any changes that you would like to undo, click “Cancel”. To completely remove a field shape, click on the garbage can icon first and then click on the shape that you would like to remove. Again, be sure to click “save” after removing any unwanted shapes.

When you are finished drawing your field shape or shapes, click the green “submit” button. Before going out in the field, you will also have to create your scanning locations.

Once your field is drawn you can click the green “Submit button”. You can edit your field at any time by going to your list of fields and clicking on the edit icon.

Create the Crop Year and Scanning Locations

When you’ve finished creating your field, click on the field on the map or from the Your Fields page. This is the page where all your scanning data will appear once you’ve started scanning leaflets.

First, click “New” next to Create a Crop Year. This should bring you to the map of your field. Start typing the type of cultivar you will be planting into the text box to help you find and select the correct type, then click “next”. You will then need to select a planting date for the field using the drop-down calendar and then click “next”.

To create the scanning locations, click the pin icon on the right side of the screen. Then, click anywhere on the shape of the field to place the marker. If you’d like to move a marker that you’ve already placed, click the edit icon on the right side of the screen. To delete any scanning location pins, click on the garbage can icon and then select the pin you’d like to delete. Be sure to click “save” after making any changes or deleting any pins. You may want to rename your scanning locations. Simply type the new name into the corresponding text box. The field must have at least one scanning location. You may also choose to upload a shape file instead of manually placing the pins on the map.

 If you need to edit the type of cultivar, the planting date or the scanning locations at any point, click on the “Edit” button on the data page of the field. 

Active vs. Inactive Fields

When looking at a map of your farm, you may notice that some fields are coloured blue, and some fields are white. The blue fields are considered “Active” fields, which means that scans have been taken and uploaded for these fields. The white fields are considered “Inactive” fields, which means that scans have not yet been uploaded for these fields.