How to Create a Farm


To create a farm, click on the plus sign on the homepage. Enter the name of the farm and the address.

If you like to choose the address from the map, select “Choose Address” and then click on the pin icon. From here you can zoom in on the map to find the farm’s home address. Click on the map to select the exact location and mark it with the blue home icon. To move the home icon around, simply click on the location you would like to move it to on the map. To move along the map to find a location, click and drag your mouse. Double clicking your mouse will allow you to zoom in on the map. Once you’ve found the farm’s location and placed the blue home icon, click the green save button.

You can then enter the farm owner’s information. Adding this information will allow you to later invite the grower to the platform so that they can view and interact with the data for any fields created under this specific farm. You can invite additional owners or farm staff to the platform after the farm is created. Once you’ve inputted all the required farm information, you can click “Create”.

When you are ready to invite the farm owner to the platform, you can click the green “Invite” button and select whether you’d like to invite them via email or text message. Once you’ve sent the invite the status will change to “Pending” and once the owner has accepted the invite and created their account, the status will change to “Joined”.





To edit any of the farm’s fields including the name, location, and owner’s name after creation, click on the edit icon and then save.

Invite Additional Users to a Farm

To add additional farm owners or farm staff members to have access to a specific farm, click on the user icon for that farm.  

From here you can click the “+” icon. Enter the Username, Email, and Phone number of the user you would like to give access to the farm.

You can choose between giving each user access as a Staff or an Owner. Giving a user Staff access means that the user can only view any data or information for that specific farm. Staff users can not edit or make any changes to the platform. A user with Owner access has full access to that farm. They can edit information, create fields, and pin sampling locations while also being able to view any scanning results.